When Creativity Meets Logic: Conducting Research For Content Marketing

December 28, 2018

Research prevents you from falling when you continuously sitting at the edge of your seat!


Okay, you may be wondering why research is needed in creating creative content marketing, especially the content that you will publish on your website. While you think creative content marketing is all about the fun format, the validity of your data is being questioned. The Research itself has a thick sense of something scholar or academic, which is not related at all with creative content marketing. You may get it right. BUT, research is essential when it comes to creating content that will be presented to the public!

Think about it! Research keeps you away from many dangers like plagiarism or repetition of a certain topic. It is always better to know where you stand before you take another step. In other words, research gives you an overview of the topic you want to discuss further. Research also helps you not repeating the ideas that others have stated before. It is well known for those who maintain blog content that they will not get significant traffic when their ideas only repeat what is already on the internet.

Another benefit of doing research for creative content marketing is, obviously, giving yourself more data to process. The data you have obtained from conducting research also becomes your cornerstone when someone asks for the validity of your content marketing.

But how to conduct proper research before creating creative content marketing? Here is how!

The basic keyword

When you have something comes to your mind, about the content marketing you are about to produce, the first step to do is to look up on the internet with the related basic keywords. For example, if you are about to create content about fitness then you may automatically come up with several keywords in mind. Those keywords usually are the ones people use in looking it up on the internet. After you have a long list of keyword, you can now begin to conduct focused keyword research to find the most suitable keyword to be used for your content marketing.

The other ‘similar’ content

With the keyword in your hand, you can use it to find some ‘similar’ content on the internet. Some websites will appear at the top rank, and you should read what is in those before deciding what angle you want to highlight. Those existing content on the internet can be your ladder to create the marketing content without discussing the same idea ever again! Moreover, by acknowledging the existing content, you will know your boundaries for the sake of preventing plagiarism.

The current trend

One of the external aspects that you should watch out is the current trend that is whirling around in the society. People tend to be more interested with something popular lately, like memes, animated video, or the DIY videos which often appears on their Instagram explore. From those trends, you should (if possible) adapt them into your content marketing. Although the competition is high, following the ongoing trend still one of the best ways to reach many people with your marketing approach.

The need of your customer

Your customer, especially your loyal ones are the most important customer of all. You should retain their loyalty with your product, at all costs! Then the step you need to take is to know and understand what they really want. It is not that hard to do it. All you need to do is reading their comments on your product’s social media posts (if any). Or you can blast questionnaires with the hope of getting complete feedbacks and deep insight which may function as your guideline in making your next content marketing.

Converting data into your content marketing

In order to retain the creativity aspect of your content marketing, do not let your data be presented naked in your content marketing! You should be able to convert them into something appealing, not something boring like academic research. Yes, we are talking about presentation format. It is when you are able to convey the clarity of the data while making your content looks attractive. Whether it is in the form of a chart, infographic, short video, or anything you fancy.


Research may still sound like a complex task to do, but it will help you to make your content marketing better.

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