Kalbe Wellness Program Website has variety of features other websites do not have. It provides users with various of services to make their wellness program become more effective.

Kalbe Wellness Program is a website that supports healthy lifestyle. The service it offers help boost the effectiveness of each personal wellness program. The services includes:

– Get knowledge of how DNA/gene checking help us choose what is best for our diet.
– Get knowlegde of the steps for the most effective the wellness program and all its benefits.
– See the activities feeds of the participants of wellness program (similar to Instagram).
– See doctors directory/list that are working together with Kalbe and able to handle Wellness Program.
– Find out about nutrigenomic process
– See articles, news, and events about wellness program.
– BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator
– Pregnancy (estimation) calendar
– Fertility (estimation) calendar
– Creatinine calculator (kidney)

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