October 11, 2021

Panduan Survival 101: Mengusahakan Bisnis dengan Iklan Digital

Bagaimana Konten Blog Menbantu Bisnis Anda Berkembang Bagaimana Konten Blog Menbantu Bisnis Anda Berkembang

Advertising is the basic, the most essential part of making your business grow. Advertising never gets old! Although some methods of advertising already extinct since are not relevant and applicable anymore. Brochure, flyers, newspaper advertising, or advertisement on phonebook may not be as effective as before. This is 2018, and the trend of advertising now is going in the digital sector.

Digital advertising gets more attention for many reasons. It requires less effort and resources in the producing and/or publishing process. It reaches more people with a wider range of area, age, gender, occupation, and so forth. The performance of digital advertising is trackable that makes it a much better method than the others. You can see how many people have been reached from a single ad, how many people are interested and then proceed to take further action, up to how many people who are using or buying your products after seeing your digital advertisement.

There are, as a matter of fact, more reasons why digital advertising becomes more popular and more effective nowadays.

People use smartphone

Smartphones are like a new human limb; it is hard to be separated from the human. You wake up, the first thing you are looking for is your mobile phone. You are bored at work, you look up some memes on your phones. Before you go to bed, you watch Netflix on your phone to make you feel sleepy. Which is why digital advertising is able to reach more people.

People often see ads when they swipe through Instagram stories. Or when they play a mobile game, pop up ads often gets into their nerves. Digital advertising becomes more popular and effective since more people give smartphones a big part of their daily lives. This usage frequency gives a big chance for digital ads to appear and be seen more often by people.

Made to appear more personal

Since digital ads appear on devices such as smartphones or laptop, they tend to appear more personal. It is almost like those ads are particularly design for you. Digital advertising makes use of your browser cookies, or in another word, it tracks your activity when you are surfing the internet. When you open an e-commerce website and scroll through a product category without even buying one, it is more likely you will see those kinds of products in ads banners when you browse other different websites. This is one of the many reasons why digital advertising is more effective. It touches more people easily and more personally. The ads you see and the ads other people see may be different.

Available 24/7

Unlike newspaper or magazine advertising, digital advertising has a longer life-span (all depends on your budget and how you want to manage them). People as your target still can see the ads you published one week ago, even at three in the morning. This timelessness benefits you to showcase your product online without any time limitation. This too may increase the revenue of your product by providing them online in which is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Lead directly into your product

Billboard advertisement seems cool and grande, but it has one problem. People need to make an extra effort in order to access your product. The wind blows in a different direction when it comes to digital advertising. You can include links that lead directly to your product landing page with only one tap or swipe. Digital advertising offers people more convenience than any other advertising methods and platforms.

Maintain your customers’ retention

It is not only you who use digital advertising! But it is not always the ugly side of the competition. Well, yes, it is about competition. The customer who has already purchased or used your products will keep seeing your ads, correct? They will also see other products ads. This is a two-edged blade. Whether you present your advertisement well and making your customer feels good after deciding to buy your product, OR comparing your ads with others’ and starting to use other products since your ads are less appealing than theirs. Keep that in mind!

Apakah anda menikmati artikel ini? Silahkan bagikan.

Apakah anda menikmati artikel ini?
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